The arrival of the half-term holidays brings the 2019 Great Yarmouth holiday season to life

Great Yarmouth seafront is beginning to wake up again after a quiet but pleasantly warm Winter break.

2019 Great Yarmouth holiday season gets under way

Great Yarmouth 2019 Holidays

Great Yarmouth always feels a little bit cold and quiet during the Winter months. Many of the amusement arcades are boarded up and closed, and the seafront ice cream stands are either permanently shut or only open at weekends - and so there's always a real sense of a big reawakening when the half-term holidays come along and signal the start of the 2019 Great Yarmouth holiday season.

And you can see and feel the difference all along Marine Parade. Earlier this week I spotted the owners of Flavours ice cream stall giving it an annual makeover in readiness for the new season, while the Beach Terrace Tea Rooms - a personal favourite of mine - was already spruced up and open for business. And everywhere, as I walked along the Prom, I saw restaurants getting a new lick of paint and a general sense of excitement about the welcome return of the holidaymakers.

View of Great Yarmouth beach

Holidays in Great Yarmouth

And it should be a good year for Great Yarmouth in 2019. Not only are we expecting to see the return of the hugely popular Wednesday night seafront fireworks displays, but we are also hoping to see the completion of the revamp of the beautiful Victorian Waterways. And with European holidays getting more and more expensive, thanks to good, old Brexit and the collapse of the pound, bumper crowds are predicted here on the Norfolk Coast.

And the seafront is certainly getting prepared for it. Like I said, all the restaurants, arcades and major attractions are getting tidied up, polished up, repainted and revamped in readiness for a spring and summer of proper seaside fun. And once the weather improves just a fraction, and the sun starts properly shining up above, then I don't think there's any place I'd rather be than strolling along Great Yarmouth seafront. And preferably with a whippy ice cream in my hand!