Come and play on the fruit machines and amusement arcade games that brighten up Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile

Whether you're into Pinball, Pacman, Tuppeny Nudgers or Penny Pushers, you'll find them all in the mini Las Vegas that is Great Yarmouth seafront...

Great Yarmouth amusement arcade

If you don't live by the seaside then you might be in for a surprise when you realise just how many amusement arcades there are on Great Yarmouth seafront. From Circus Circus to Caesar's Palace, and from Leisureland to the Golden Nugget, the whole place is alive with the sound of coins rattling into win trays and ablaze with the glow of the neon signage and the twinkling lights of the slot machines. By day and by night, these venues teem with happy punters who play shoot 'em up games, test their strength on the punchbags, try to win cuddly toys on the grabbing machines or even play for big stakes on the 'High Roller' fruit machines.

Great Yarmouth amusement arcade

Seaside Amusement Arcades

You will be spoilt for choice as you wander along Great Yarmouth's Golden Mile and try to pick a place in which to spend your pennies.  As well as the arcades on the main strip, there are also amusement arcades on both piers and at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, as well as an old-fashioned arcade at Merrivale Model Village packed with retro machines and vintage one-armed bandits. Some of the arcades even offer something a little different, like the laser gun game Quasar at the Mint. So if a chance to shoot all your mates with a laser gun sounds fun to you, then why not make a group booking there and fire at them to your heart's content.

Other amusement arcades offer traditional favourite pastimes, like pool and skittles, while many now run a scheme where you can win tokens on the games and slot machines, then exchange them for kids toys, kitchen items, novelty products and all manner of fancy goods. But whether you're playing to win cash, to earn tokens for prizes or just to have a laugh with your mates, you'll certainly not be short of places to play on Great Yarmouth seafront. It's truly a treasure trove of good, old family fun!