Take the Haven Cruiser out to Scroby Sands and - maybe - sea the Great Yarmouth seals

What better way to spend an hour in Great Yarmouth than a boat trip out to Scroby Sands?

Boat trips to Scroby Sands near Great Yarmouth

Scroby Sands Seals

It's lovely sitting in a deckchair on Great Yarmouth beach and staring out at the beautiful water. But did you know you can also take a boat ride out into the deep blue sea? From early May to late September, the Haven Cruiser takes passengers out to Scroby Sands, a sand back four miles away from the coast that is populated by seals. And if you're lucky enough to time it right - and they're not in the mood to hide away - then you might get to see these playful creatures splashing around in the water. Or failing that, you might get to see them sunning themselves on the sand banks, all ready to pose for your photographs as the boat gets closer to the sand bank's shore.

The Haven Cruiser on the coast of Great Yarmouth

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To catch the Haven Cruiser and head out to see the seals, look for the bright, colourful sign on the edge of the beach not far from Britannia Pier. The sign always lists the next time the boat is planning to set sail, but there's no strict timetable, as the sailors have to take into consideration the constantly changing weather and also the constantly changing tides. But expect the first trip of the day to head off around 10 o'clock in the morning and the last one to leave at about three in the afternoon. The duration of the trip is approximately one hour; and warm clothing is advisable. Because even on a hot summer's day, the North Sea can be somewhat chilly, to say the least.

TOP TIP: If you're coming to Great Yarmouth in the winter months, but still fancy seeing some seals, you'll find a large colony of seals just a few miles up the coast in Horsey and Winterton. Every winter they come ashore to give birth to their white-furred pups, attracting tourists and nature lovers from miles and miles around.