Make the most of the August sunshine by splashing around in the Great Yarmouth sea

There's no need to go abroad for your beach holiday this year when it's a proper summer scorcher here in Great Yarmouth...

Swimmer in sea at Great Yarmouth

If you live in Great Yarmouth all year round and are used to the winter chill coming in off the sea, then you might find it hard to believe just how sunny the weather is on the seafront right now. Perhaps it's global warming, or perhaps just a freak spell of tropical sunshine, but the thermometer doesn't tell any lies. Cos it's a scorcher here! And no mistake! And that's why the beaches are full of kids making sandcastles and throwing beach balls into the air. And there are people flying kites and paddling in the water. In fact, there's even people swimming in the sea!

Great Yarmouth summer holidays

It's lovely to live in a seaside town like Great Yarmouth when the Summer Season coincides with a spell of truly glorious weather. Holidaymakers flock to the sands and bring the whole of the seafront completely alive, as they enjoy the chance to get a nice suntan on the beach, wolf down some ice creams from the seafront stalls, ride on the donkeys and spend all their pennies in the constantly crowded amusement arcades. It's a real reminder of the glory days when Great Yarmouth was one of the main go-to destinations for anyone looking for a traditional seaside holiday. And everyone just seems to have that little bit more of a spring in their step. Because that's what sunshine does to people. It makes them feel happy. It makes them feel good.

And with August only just begun, and the Summer Season now in full swing, we should all cross our fingers that this continental-style weather holds out - and gives everyone a reason to choose the British seaside rather than the Mediterranean for their holidays this year. Because those who come to Great Yarmouth instead of heading overseas will find a lovely town with fabulous hotels, a stunning coastline and a whole heap of family entertainment on offer. And they won't even have to change their pounds for euros at the current terrible exchange rate, so that's means more cash to spend on the fruit machines.

TOP TIP: Actually, please do remember to save some of that cash for high-factor suntan lotion. Because this year in Great Yarmouth, that's one thing you are definitely going to need!