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If you're looking for a place to dine in Great Yarmouth, then there's a lot more on offer than just fish and chips!

Find great places to eat while on holiday in Great Yarmouth. Great Yarmouth Restaurants Great Yarmouth has always been known, and quite rightly too, for its fantastic array of fish and chip shops. From the famous stands selling 'Chips on the Market' to the stylish seafront fish and chip restaurants like Fish & Grill and HMS Hinchinbrook, you will not be disappointed if you come to town in search of a nice piece of cod in crispy batter and some lovely hot chips doused in salt, vinegar and whatever other condiments get your taste buds going. But there is much more to the Great Yarmouth restaurant scene than just fish and chips. The town has a vast array of cuisines on offer, including Italian, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek and Portuguese restaurants. Take Regent Road, for example! That's the main road leading down from the town centre to the seafront and it's a place where you can take your pick from hot dogs, burgers, kebabs, tapas, traditional

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